So, you wanna know which of US you are most like? Well, prepare yourself for this far too long and mildly amusing test. Don't worry, you shall be rewarded with a shiny graphic to place on your blog/livejournal/website/whatever.

Special thanks to who gave permission to "steal" their code from their personality tests. Thank you!

Now begin the test. . You have all day. . . And no, I don't think you have anything better to do.

1. What is your favorite color?

Jet black
Green, Purple, Black and Yellow. Sorry, I'm being anal, aren't I? Hmm, anal sex. . . Could be fun.

2. What do you typically wear?

Jeans and an odd shirt, with a hoodie
Well, I carefully lay it out the night before. Something nice. Otherwise, I'm naked.
God, that varies… anywhere from preppie Union Bay to my “Bondage” clothing? O.o
Whatever is on top of my dresser.

3. What is your favorite Anime?

Anime! Yay! I want anime! Give me the pretty stuff! Angel Sanctuary, Lain, Ah Megami Sama!
Cowboy Bebop
G Gundam
Oh! My Goddess!

4. How would you describe your laugh?

A cackle
A manly giggle? O.o;

5. What's your current favorite song?

"So Unsexy"-Alanis Morissette
"Comin’ At’cha Live" Tesla
"Darkness" Disturbed
"Still Waiting" Sum 41
"For What It's Worth" Buffalo Springfield

6. What's the last book you read?

"The White Dragon" by Anne McCaffrey
"Hunters of the Red Moon" by Marion Zimmer Bradley
"Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire" by J.K. Rowling- Research I swear!
"The Stand" by Stephen King
:: groans :: MacBeth by Shakespeare… -_-;

7. It's Saturday night. What are you doing?

Laser Quest. Owning your ass. Getting first place. BEEZNITCH!
On the computer
With my girlfriend or playing video games
Not Snape. Unless I'm with Vert.
Yo' Mama!... *hangs head* I mean sleeping... with your mama!... *hangs head* I mean... being boring!

8. Moo.

Moo indeed!

9. Are you currently in love?

I hope not
Yes, I do believe so.
Only with Snape
My kitty goddess… yeah…

10. Favorite exclamation?

Don't have one

11. Are you friendly?

To my friends.
Sit down, let me tell you my life story, and when I'm done you can tell me yours
Go away.
Are you kidding me? That's it, now I have to kill you.
To anyone who wants friendly. Then I’m a general biatch.

12. Are you smart?

Um, duh? I'm answering these questions, aren't I?
I've been told so. I tend to doubt it
Like a fox!.... wait...
5 to the power of 4, divided by 243, rounded to the nearest hooker…
E = mc squared.

13. Dogs in costumes?

Um... no.
Do I look like a dog person?
PETA is fighting for a law against that, you know
Umm... Cute... if you wanna get sick and DIE!
Well, they DO say bitches stick together… and I was not referring to Konran in any form, either. She’s not a bitch. She’s a pimpette. There’s a difference.

14. Children?

Just as long Cathy doesn’t get a hold of one. Like the time she got the 3 year old drunk… or she lost the kid…. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah.

AAAAAAAAHHH! *makes sign of the cross* Begone evil beasts!
Childhood is cool... it's those other kids that suck.
Aww, they're so cute. Can I take one home with me?

15. What if your cat just got its tail stuck in the light socket?

I’d kick it a few times for being a dumbass. Grrrrrrr. Stupid fucker.
I would laugh... then cry...
Uhm, I am the cat
"Hey, look, honey! It's a new lamp!"
I would cry

16. What if you fell in love with a jelly donut?

*burps* Donut? OH NO!
Easy access...
Mmm. Powdered sugar.
Yeah, see the thing about that is... I wouldn't.

17. Someone knocks on your front door. You...! And hide!
...get up and see what it is they want this time
...realize the hooker was too expensive. DAMN!
...ignore them, unless they are a friend or the pizza man.
...find my rifle and ask them what the hell they want.

18. Agh! A vampire!

Snape is not!
Where's my rifle?

19. Favorite animal?

Anything that loves me too

20. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

X-ray vision. Enough said.
Cause instant orgasms with people. YES!
The power to grant wishes! .... MY wishes!

21. Snape.

Snape?! Where?! Is he naked, can I have him?! I'll be good to him, promise, promise!
Chishio running along behind naked.
Alan Rickman is cool.
Worse than Genma Hikari

22. Harry Potter.

*Annoyed Sigh*
He stole my scar!
RP! RP now! Sit! RP with me now!
He's got too much publicity.
What? Too much puberty?

23. Where would you most like to live?

Anywhere but here
Texas. My girlfriend's there.
England, Scotland, Ireland

24. What are your plans for later in life?

Show me the mojo, baby!
Don't have any yet
God laughs at those who make plans. Pffft.
I hope to be happy someday

25. Robots?

Kinda cold?
It’s a Mobile Suit… IT’S A GUNDAM!
Metal mouths!

26. What if you were part of a group of five teenagers who decided to make a website totally devoted to themselves and their work, and... wait...

Sure, I'll wait.
Konran's doing the work, no da.
I would have to be insane.
Wasn't there a Snape in that?
*sweatdrops* I... am.

27. "The Pig is in the Barn."

Where's the cow?
Konran, Bobby’s in there too… shit… RUN!
Butawa kyuushano nakani imasu
Ahhh yes... wrong... but she *was* a pig, wasn't she?
Nonononono! It's the COW! THE COW!

28. Weapon of choice?

Anything sharp
Moon Staff
Where's my rifle?

29. Do you write? Stories or otherwise?

Mostly poetry and fanfiction, though there was this one time in eighth grade when this assignment got out of hand...
When I feel compelled to
More than should be allowed by law

30. Spiders!

*girlie scream*
Snack time!
Stop screaming, you pussies! Look, I killed it!

31. Is Konran cute?

Of course she is!
As a button!
Isn't this rather obvious?
Ok, Cathy can wait. Konran, I hope you remember the handcuffs.

32. Mr. Winkie.

Yay! The little jewish guy!
.... is Jewish
Is the name of my penis… not really…
Get back in my pants!

33. Where would you least like to be stabbed?

In the hair folicle on my big toe…
In the eye
I'm a guy. Do you have to ask?
Anywhere that I haven't volunteered
In the hand

34. How do you drink soda pop?

As long as it’s good.
In the two-liters
Out of the bottle. Warm.
With my mouth

35. What if somebody jacked your pen when you got up to turn in a paper?

I would stab them with it.
I would cry.
I would get out my rifle.
I’d shrug. No biggie. I have 58 where that came from.
Somebody jacked off with my pen? They can have it now

36. What's your favorite part of the day?

Dusk to midnight
The part I sleep through
When I talk with my friends. . . because I can always make them wince.

37. Do you like answering questions?

Yes... if you believe this is my real answer, you deserve to be shot in the head with my rifle.
Not dumb ones
Hell no.
Yay! More please!




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