Randomity: Play report for Drama

This play was a really short, really weird play (in the style of the Theatre of Cruelty... so yeah, just that in and of itself is weird). Look up the play sometime and read it. It's weird. I'd like to see it performed, lol.

Play Report: Jet of Blood

I. Exposition
a.Time: I wasn’t able to infer the date, but I think it was supposed to be the 18 or 1900’s
b. Place: Outside. I am not sure in what country or town. But it is in the streets of some town. Probably a French town.
c. A man and a woman are telling eachother how much they love eachother.

II. Plot
a. A man and woman tell eachother how much they love eachother, and how perfect it is, but then their need to seek *more* perfection seems to make them want to stir things up.
b. The knight and the nurse talk about the man and woman and how terrible it is that they are “screwing eachother”.
c. God’s hand comes down and scoops up a whore and shows everyone her ugly body. The whore bites God’s hand and blood spurts out.
d. The woman (from the first scene) dies, and the whore and the young man are left with eachother.
e. The nurse raises up her dress and a crowd of scorpians comes out and they assault the knight. The young woman wakes up and comes to the realization “The virgin! Ah, that’s what he was looking for.”

III. The Characters
a. I’m not at all sure. The young man and woman are both likely candidates.
b. I’m not sure. The knight, and young man are both candidates.
c. Major characters are the nurse, the young man and the whore.
d. The minor character was God.
e. The various animals that wandered the set.

IV. Theme.
a. I have no idea. Perhaps it is something about the ambiguities of life and, at least partially, the need for human pefection.
b. Again, perhaps it has to do with ambiguities.

V. Personal Reaction and Critique
a. I think reading the script was more enjoyable than actually reaching the end. At least when I was reading it I wasn’t expecting anything that came next but the end left me with a feeling of “huh?”.
b. Not a lot of the play made sense, and the characters, I think, were more representatives of different facets of human nature, but I can’t at all be sure about that. The play as a whole didn’t make sense, but probably because I’m not good at interpreting things like this, and also it might help if someone could give me some starting points for figuring out what it was about.