Repent for your Sims!
Written: 3-4-02

Want more bang for your buck? in last Saturday's article I talked about the shameful way in which we "bought and tossed" The Sims. The video game we once loved with a fiery passion now sits, unplayed and unused. In this week's article I'll attempt to reignite that old flame.

In the latest expansion pack, Maxis adds a whole new area for exploration: Downtown. In downtown mode you can build trendy restaurants and clubs, strip malls, parks, boutiques, department stores and even a beach-side cafe. Hundreds of new items and archetectural features will make whatever you decide to build fun and visually appealing (of course, you have the option of putting the Hula Lamp on an oak table next to the Zebra-print Couch, but your Sims may refuse to enter).

When you build your downtown area, here are some helpful hints to remember.

Some of the neatest stuff to put in is decorational only (I love interior design). The huge fishtank is not only perfect as a lobster tank at a fancy restaurant downtown, but it also makes for a wonderful conversation piece at home! Colorful and trendy hanging signs (a flower and an icecream cone, for example) can be used to advertise for stores, and the new "wonderbread" inspired wallpaper is to die for.

While downtown, make sure you participate in the fun activities, such as shopping for gifts (all gifts you buy are stored in your Sim's inventory for future gift giving) and racing boats. At the pond, you can also feed the fish, which is a lot of fun for all involved. While all activities downtown are fun for any age, some are perfect for those romantic Sim dates (after all, the expansion pack is called "Hot Date").

Speaking of Sim dates, the cuddling couch is an optimum place for your Sims to snuggle up and rest after all that shopping. Feeling hungry? When your Sims grab a bite to eat, they can sit at regular tables, or in the booths while they wait for their orders to arrive. A favorite way to pass the time while waiting for their meals is playing footsie. Yes, you can make them do that! While I won't get into the other steamy things you can make them do (you'll have to play the game to find all that out) there are several new types of hugs and kisses to play with, and new objects designed to bring Sims closer together.

This will have to conclude this week's edition of Bastet's Column, but please stay tuned for next week, where I'll be talking about something great (it's not the Sims this time).

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