John Doe
Written: My Freshman Year of Highschool

By looking at the 6 ft. tall, basketball playing 14 year-old, you probably would never guess that John Doe owns a loveable 22-pound kitty-cat. The eldest child of his family, John towers over his siblings. Aside from playing basketball, he is also an avid golfer, and uses longer clubs than others do, because of his height. Despite his giant frame, or perhaps because of it, he is sometimes clumsy, and has broken his right thumb 3 times.

If John ever goes to a fortune teller, they'd probably say "I see travel in
your future," and rightly so! Aside from visiting Nantucket every summer previous, John has traveled around the world. He visited China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, India, Cypress, Greece, Spain, and Morocco. The bulk of the trip was carried out via boat. According to John, it took him exactly 100 days to complete the trip, and he plans to do it again in January, but going the other way around. He also plans to go to Nantucket again this summer.

If you ask him to tell you about an important event in his life, he might think
for a second, bite his lip and reply smartly, "One time I fell off a cliff." Give him a disbelieving look, and he'll probably try to placate you by adding, "But I survived." Twiddling his pen between his fingers, John might admit that he has a short attention span and really enjoys sleeping.

Weighing exactly 10 pounds at birth, on November 13, 1985, John Champion Doe was declared to be a boy and placed in his mother's arms. John
was the first child in his family to be born. Later, his sister Julia was born, who is now 13. Billy came along 4 years later, and, at age 9, claims to be Batman. In John's words, "My brother is Batman. We have a Bat Cave under our house and everything."

In 1998 he turned 13 on Friday the 13th, which may explain his easy going, if not odd, way of living life. John can almost always be found playing games on cell phones or sleeping to pass the time. Looking for fun at every corner, and every stoplight, John enjoys doing fire drills in his car. If you ask, he'll explain that a fire drill in your car is where you get out, run around the car, and get back in. John may actually be on to something there. Running around the car not only improves fire safety, but is beneficial to your cardiovascular system.

If, in 20 years, you happen to see this brown haired green-eyed boy again,
he'll probably be all grown up and living out his dream of owning a "cow farm." He may still play golf, shoot hoops on a basketball court, or do fire drills, but his favorite thing to do will probably be milking the cows that he had dreamed about raising for so long. While watching the cows graze he might happen to look up and see you wave, and maybe he'll wave back. But the other hand will almost certainly be busy. While one hand will be waving at you, the other will still be stroking his loveable kitty-cat.


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