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(Yes, another old thing, but it's about the X-files and so if you like the X-files you'll probably find this interesting. This is about the episode: Syzygy. I used to be a total X-Phile; I used this essay to get a Bachelor's in Villain Studies at X-Files University. Don't mock me, lol. BTW: It starts off sounding like a story, but that's just my opening for the essay, I retold part of the episode.)

"Come on Girls," Jay "Boom" DeBoom said, "I'll take you home."
Terri and Margi ginned at each other and climbed inside Boom's Truck.
Boom looked back sadly at Bruno's funeral. He decided that he would protect everyone from the cult that got Bruno, starting with Margi and Terri. Not that he had a thing for them or anything: in fact Margi and Terri weren't exactly the prettiest or smartest girls in the school. Boom hopped into the driver's side of the truck and sent it zooming down the dark street. The stars were so bright in the sky that he almost didn't need headlights.
Terri and Margi sat beside him and talked about how the cult wanted to sacrifice a blonde virgin, and how they were scared.
"You know," Terri suggested, "Maybe if we werent virgins we wouldn't be so scared."
"Yeah," agreed Margi. Both girls looked to Boom hopefully.
Boom glanced at the girls. They were serious. Boom sniffed. It would be in their best interest, he decided. He turned down a deserted dirt road that led into the forest.

* * * * * * * * * * * *
Margi and Terri sat on top of a cliff giggling and laughing. One of them held a flower in her hand. They pulled the petals off, one by one.
"He loves me." Terri stated, pulling one petal off.
"He loves me...not." Margi said, pulling off another.
Below them was a rope that was tied to Boom's truck from behind them. The end hung yards below and tied to it was Boom, the look of horror still evident on his long since dead face.
"He loves me." Terri said again pulling off a petal.
Margi pulled off the last one. "Not!" She stuck out her tongue.
Both girls fell backward in a fit of laughter

* * * * * * * *

Terri Roberts and Margi Kleinjan were both born on midnight, January 12th 1979. This could explain why they were the closest of friends. Or it could explain why they walked around like they were in their own private clique. Or it could explain why they were given all the power in the cosmos to control on their 18th birthday.
According to Madame Zirinka, the town's astrologer, the girls were born under a Jupiter-Uranus opposition, forming a Grand Square, where all of the planets form a cross. If you were born under it, then on January 12th under the syzygy in 1996, all the power in the cosmos would be focused on you.
On January 12, 1996 three planets aligned to form a syzygy. A syzygy is when three celestial bodies align. This time, it was Mercury, Mars and Uranus (except it was slightly different from a regular syzygy of those planets because Uranus was in the house of Aquarius). Each planet gives off a seperate "vibe" or feeling. When these particular vibes are put together, they spell trouble.
Mercury stood for communication; seeing or hearing something. Mars meant a sudden act of violence and Uranus represented an unexpected happening. These three planets explain not only Margi and Terri's behavior, but also Mulder and Scully's (and the rest of the townspeople). Mars stood for violence, which is what everyone in the town either resorted to, or felt like resorting to. Mercury represented communication, which was definetely disrupted (between just about everyone). Uranus meant an unexpected happening, and what happened was a little more than unexpected.
We do know that Margi and Terri probably weren't the nicest of people to begin with. But according to several statements made by Detective White as well as Scott Simons, they were outgoing and averagely nice before the syzygy. Detective White said: "No. These are good kids we're talking about. Outstanding students." Although Scott's statement wasn't nearly as conclusive as Detective White's , you can draw your own conclusions from it. He said, before he was cut off by Terri; "What happened to you guys? You used to be-"
Now comes the big question: "Were Margi and Terri actually bad?"
Margi and Terri were really just acting out two age-old fantasies that all people have sometimes: getting everything you want and, of course, getting some good old fashioned revenge. Their judgment was clouded and they acted on impulses without thinking about what they were doing or of the consequences. Their perception of right vs. wrong was clouded by the illusion of pure power. They were so full it, they could barely see past their own noses, which is why they almost destroyed each other.
In reality, Margi and Terri were just unfortunate enough to have their fantasies actually come true (through the worst means possible). In a sense, Margi and Terri were just victims of themselves.


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