Information about the proposed AHMMFN Beta Group

You're probably wondering what the AHMMFN Beta Group is... aren't you? Well, alright, I'll tell you The AHMMFN Beta Group is a group of readers that Rikuna Moonblade (1) and I (Bastet *disgustingly inactive* (3) ) are putting together.

The readers will read our science fiction story at least once, and then give us detailed feedback on the stories. These readers are so-called "beta readers", who are reading the story before it is put up for publication. They are giving us feedback in hopes that they might help us to "fix" anything wrong with the story, and possibly change things that we missed.

The readers will recieve payment for their work (we're expecting some thought here, lol) as follows:

1,500 in total

100 to be paid upon joining the review group.

400 to be paid upon sending a short, general review of the novel

1000 to be paid upon filling out the detailed survey(s) about the novel (there will probably be only one, but in the even that we need more space for questions, we will elongate it into two surveys)

Payment will be withheld if:
1. Either of us believe that the reader did not read the story
2. If the answers of the survey are extremely vague, contradictory, vulgar, harassing, or incomplete
3. The reader does not send the review and/or the survey

(Payment will only be withheld in extreme situations, as I don't believe that anyone here would do any of the things above)

I will list some information about the science fiction story below:
This story is about...

We are looking for a variety of readers, so don't feel put off if you don't like Science Fiction, because we *do* want some variety in tastes.

As of today, we have a total of 15 free slots for readers.

To apply for a position, fill out this survey by July 14, 2002. All those who are chosen to be Beta readers will be added to the group no later than July 18, 2002.

ID: 409775 (Rated: G)
Title: Application for the AHMMFN Beta Group
Description: The Application for the AHMMFN Beta group.
By: Bastet *disgustingly inactive*


~Bastet *disgustingly inactive* (3)
Rikuna Moonblade (1)

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