Friday, May 16, 2003

Mood: TGIF-y

Eh. haven't written in a while. Was busy. Went to the beach over the weekend and didn't have time to write a "good bye" entry hehe, like I wanted. Anyway, it was fun. Good weather (surprisingly and contrary to weather reports-- there was actually a severe weather warning.... ? ahhh, the "Butterfly Effect" in use *laughs* ) Anyway. It was an ok week. Went by pretty fast. 5 more days for Seniors. 16 more days for us ^^;;. That's 16 days for me to get my act together LOL. *ahem* Anywaaaaaaaay.... Oh yeah, I've been working on the layout for my secret project *shhhhhhh -- lol* and it's going to be really really nice. It will have 7-8 actual layouts (each subpage will have a layout ^^ just like I always wanted) and so far it's taking an uber-long time to do all the graphics... *sigh* As usual, I did the About Me section first (although I redesigned the graphics a little last night (changed the colors)) Ever notice how I use blue on EVERYTHING?? I love blue. Don't know why... "there's something about blue"... hehe (CB fans?.... *crickets...* ok ok I get the picture). Speaking of CB I WANT TO GO SEE THE MOVIE!!! WAH! But I need ID to prove I'm 17. Which I AM. >< For ... seven months now *nod nod* And I need to find some time and money to see the movie with *sigh*. Hm. Well I'm gonna go work on the secret project now ^_~ ttyl ;)

Saturday, May 10, 2003

Mood: Ok

Hey, sorry I haven't written sooner... After IB tests and missing school for those two days I got a little behind ^^;;... not that I'm really actually that caught up... and now I'm leaving tomorrow for the beach so I'll miss monday :D ^^;;.... anyway. My tests went well! ! ! I think. Day one was a hard test -- there were a couple parts to questions where I had *no* idea or kept getting nonsensical answers (something like for the third side of a triangle with sides 2 and 4 I got 10,325.34 or something lol -- no it wasn't a triangle problem, but just for example). *Sigh* But I DID have time to go through the entire thing and at least attempt every question (which is more than a lot of people at the test could say). The second day was easier (even though that was a 2 hour test versus the first day's 1 hour test) and I got done with that to my satisfaction 5 minutes before the end. We went over two of the questions in class on friday and I was pleased to find that I did them right (or at least, I thought i did, you know how you start thinking "Wait... maybe I didn't write that!" lol)

. . . . dum dee dum... um... been working on my mirror site (ok, you may as well know) and I'm looking at hosting it at freewebs. However! I need a naaaaame! ! ! ! Maybe I'll go to stories.com and set up a poll or something. *sigh*

I had this really bad dream last night. I was in this jungle and this T-Rex was trying to kill me! ! ! There were other peoples there too, but it felt like he was specifically coming after me! !. It was kind of set up like a video game, though, because the "first time" (as though I had to do it over and over till I did it right) I hid in this portable shower... or maybe it was just a normal shower... anyway, it was more like a shower in a port-o-potty. The T-Rex spun me around in the shower (like kicking it and making it go rolling... and when the T-Rex went away some other people came to help me and my back/neck had broken! So they took out my neck/backbone (yeah... don't ask... at the time it seemed normal) so I was paralyzed and at THAT point I just KNEW the T-Rex would stick his face down any second cause he'd be right there! But then I think that is when my sister's CD player fell on me and hit me in the back. I went back to sleep and it was like trial number two, and this time I was in this big big big mansion thing... that was actually a store. So. I started grabbing lots of clothing and stuff I wanted to keep. Hey, the T-Rex is gonna destroy this anyway... I'll just take what I want :D hehe... that was the best part of the dream. :D THEN I had a dream that it was Sunday and I didn't get up until 10:10 thereabouts and we were supposedly going to leave about 10.... so I had to rush and get stuff and yeah... ><

I still have to turn in my application for a letter... I hope it's not too late! ! ! ^^;; that would suck majorly. Yes sir. *sigh*

Today is my sister's birthday and I didn't get her anything. hmmm... *eyes the blank cd's still in the package on her shelf...* Hmmm... dare I? lol... See ya later tonight or maybe tomorrow morning. I want to officially say goodbye with a kao-ani as my mood icon lol.

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Sunday, May 04, 2003


omgoodness... I should be studying but I'm so tired I can't. I'll be so happy after Tuesday. Because my IB test will be over then. I'm going to have to spend the entire 4 hours I have from when I wake up tomorrow to when I have to leave to go to my test to study or I'll be screeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwd.... *buries head in hands*. Sigh. Oh well. At least I don't have to go to school tomorrow or tuesday. Hm. I have to turn in my application for a Letter. *makes face*. This computer is now officially mine, btw. Yep yep! The good one (or at least... sort of.... <<.... >>... this WAS the one that went "belly up" a year ago or so *starts to fret*) Anyway I'm too tired to think. G'night ;)

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Saturday, May 03, 2003

Mood: Headache-y

Gah... my headache won't go away... I'm in the process of copying files onto CD from my old computer (because I'm getting my mom's computer; she bought a lap top! hee hee) That is good because her computer is faster and my tablet will only work on hers (or my dad's, but not mine; mine's so old it has no USB port!). Lucky Kristine gets my comp now >:) lol. maha. I'll have to install some stuff over here... and take time making sure I have all my files off that one... I'm burning my second CD of crap right now. . . . . My IB test is on Monday and Tuesday ^^;;!!!! I have to study really a lot (see? I'm starting to fall apart! Me no make sense! ha... haha). I BELIEVE the one on monday is in the afternoon, so that gives me the morning to review *starts to really fret* oh gosh... Friday (yesterday, right? *thinks...* Yes, yesterday) I, rather on the spur of the moment, decided to interview for a Drama Cabinet position. --_--;; Think I'll get one? I hope so. I won't be devistated if I don't, but it would be disappointing at least. *ummmm* I'm researching Domains for hosting my secret project (LOL). If anyone knows a really good, cheap host I would be forever grateful if you tell me about it (Right now I'm looking at Endore, anyone have comments about them?????). *siiiiiiiigh*. I'm excited to get a domain... it really is about time; 4 years after my first website? lol. Yeah. . . . . WOW! I went and checked at Geocities... and the 4th anniversery of my first website was actually February 2nd of this year! ! ! I thought I was exaggerating a little... ^^;;. Darn. That makes me feel old. Ah, time to go make another CD. Ta! *wish me luck on my test!* *crosses fingers*
The Weather in Hell

A cute thing I found... maybe cute isn't the best word for it :P (updates daily, haha).

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