Friday, May 30, 2003

Mood: sleepy

Blah. I'm so tired... my eyes are burning ... because they're tired.... *slow blink*.... AND I forgot my Asimov book in my locker so can't read that this weekend *disappointing indeeeeeeed ><* blah...... blaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.... blah..... First Drama Club Cabinet Meeting... was fun... I think... lol I've been really out of it lately *mentally shakes as though to shake it off*.... anyway I think I'm going to grab my other Asimov and go to bed.... <<..... >>..... zzzzzzzzz....

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Thursday, May 29, 2003

Mood: Pissed

I'm hungry and my mom won't cook and there are no clean dishes so I can't make anything. And she wouldn't wash the dishes, made me do it. And she won't shut up about her STUPID STUPID day! She does this EVERY SINGLE *EVERY SINGLE* day!!! JEEEEEEEZE!!!!! Just shut up. Please. Please. Shh shh shh.... don't speak. Read the anger report for today to get the full picture... It's not rated G, so don't say I didn't warn you.... and it's complete with all the sailor language I bottle up day after day of being sweet and innocent. Enjoy... or don't. What do I care.

*update* feeling a little better now.... anyway, I put up a few things for my "secret project".... <<.... and anyone who wants to look and kinda beta them, that'd be a help. So far I have the About Me layout.... the Writings layout... and the first Art layout (which I think I'm going to change because it doesn't really work right heh). Sooo I don't know if anyone reading this can help (Cristal??? *raises eyebrow*) but any comments would be appreciated... just keep flames to yourself or I'll be forced to dismember you and use your body parts to build me a new website ^_~ AND DON'T STEAL OR I'LL KILL YOU! for the writings page you might have to copy and paste the url into the bar... for some reason geocities is picky about linking to images... *shrug*

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Mood: SORE

It's hot today. I'm reaaaaaaaaaheeeeheeeeeeeeeaaaaally sore today. We got a trampoline Sunday, and I spent nearly all day yesterday jumping on it. Many hours. Many stupid stunts... Many injuries. LOL.... but Much fun ;). There's some neat tricks one can do on a trampoline

It's really hot today. Really hot. I don't like it when it's hot. I like it when it's cold. And raaaaaaaaainy :D

Uh. . . . I have homework to do. . . . sometime before the end of school... hehe.... which is in 10 days!!!!!! yipee! mwahahahahaha <<..... >>..... mwahahaha!

My brother needs to stop being so annoying ><.... I guess that's everything and anything that came to my mind ;) till tomorrow....

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Sunday, May 25, 2003

Mood: *yawn* Tired

I'm tiiiiiiiired. Konran came with me to the Abe Awards. We dressed up oddly (for us) and some strange people talked to us on the bus for 20-30 blocks. We made a bunch of stuff up about ourselves and where we were going LOL. We ended up being late-ish, arriving *just* as the awards were starting (we missed the reception, but that's just as well). I think Konran was bored, but some of it was funny even if she didn't get the kind of "inside" jokes...

I made Drama Club Cabinet! I really couldn't believe that at all. Plus... well... something else I won't mention *coughcough*..... anyway lol.....

I slept from noon or 1ish til 6ish.... because I didn't get any sleep last night (except for 2 hours or so). We didn't get any work done, lol. There wasn't really anything TO DO once it really came down to it... I think. . .

There was something I was going to complain about... but I forgot what it was.... ..... Oh yeah! WTF is with discrimination against page builders? Right. I would like to express my general dislike for drag-and-drop pagebuilders like Homestead and Geocities, but I absolutely adooooooore Dreamweaver. I know HTML. I know that if I wanted to get any particular look I wanted I could fiddle with code for hours and hours and eventually get it. Or even just typing codes for simple tables that I KNOW how to do, I could just type those out by hand. BUT WHY WASTE MY TIME?? I really don't get the elitism people feel for having done their own coding by hand. It's like the difference between drawing a straight line by hand and using a ruler (pretending for a second that one could draw a perfectly straight line by hand, with just a lot of time and effort). Between playing the entire drum sequence/synth sequence in digital music or doing it once and making it a loop. Between hand painting an effect in Photoshop or using a Style/filter (tastefully!) to get the same effect. It REALLY bugs me when others think they're so much better for using Notepad than being smart about working (Remember: "Work smarter, not harder" ? lol) and .... blah. Ok I'm ranted out lol. too tired.

I feel reaaaaaaaaaally tired and my vision is starting to blur and move... I'm dizzy.... *wah*.... I want to complain more but I don't think I can type anymor----- *falls asleep.... head hits keyboard* fkjddjsfwioejfcvbtrsdfhdsfhhhhhhhhhgeathjs

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Thursday, May 22, 2003

Mood: Right on, Right on!

Mmmmmmm.... Abe Awards is tomorrrrrrow! yay! It promises to be fun. Though I had to go buy a dress cause I have no dresses (except for one that is old and from my childhood... or .... at least 4 or 5 years ago lol). Konran is coming! And we're going to work on our secret project << ... >>.... ..... or... err... we're going to intend to.... ^^;;..... hehehehe..... anyway...

You are a six-winged Halfbreed!
You belong neither to Heaven nor to Hell. You are
doomed to wander the Realms That Are In Between
for all eternity until the Judgement Day. Your
fate is absolute loneliness. You are punished
for a crime you did not commit and redemption
is not within your reach. Your powers are
unknown - it's said that a halfbreed will be
the end of everything one day. Therefore you
are feared and hated. Your only hope is to find
the other half of your soul - it is your only

What kind of supernatural being are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I needed a place to stick that for a while. I don't feel like editing the about me page. . bah. I'll do that from now on lol... who cares?? hehehe.... I'm still thinking about working on the drama photos... so I can show everyone the spiffy drama pictures... which would be nice.... but for now I have nothing to show. Anyhoo. g'night ;)

Monday, May 19, 2003

Mood: too lazy to choose a kao-ani....

bah. I'm lazy. I don't feel very good. Very tired and yet brimming with energy at the same FRICKIN time... *closes eyes slowly... opens them slowly*. Sorry. My entries have been pretty vague huh? well remember, this wasn't supposed to be a BLOG at first, but more of an updates page... then slowly I just started adding details. Don't know why. I figured I needed a draw for people to come back. Maybe you like me and want to see how I'm doing ? *bats eyelashes* LOL.... ok.... well... *ahem*.

I have a test in Biology tomorrow. Plus I have to do some stupid work on some stupid... work for that class lol. I'm just so lazy I don't get anything done lately. Well. I feel like going and reading some Dilbert comics. That puts me in a slightly better mood... or... does it? hehe... <<....

if you want to send me words of encouragement... (i.e. tell me to get off my butt and do some work, either in real world or on my secret project -- that i really need to do) You are encouraged to do so (email me...........I don't get emails anymore, just IMs............ so my box is lonely........)

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Friday, May 16, 2003

Mood: TGIF-y

Eh. haven't written in a while. Was busy. Went to the beach over the weekend and didn't have time to write a "good bye" entry hehe, like I wanted. Anyway, it was fun. Good weather (surprisingly and contrary to weather reports-- there was actually a severe weather warning.... ? ahhh, the "Butterfly Effect" in use *laughs* ) Anyway. It was an ok week. Went by pretty fast. 5 more days for Seniors. 16 more days for us ^^;;. That's 16 days for me to get my act together LOL. *ahem* Anywaaaaaaaay.... Oh yeah, I've been working on the layout for my secret project *shhhhhhh -- lol* and it's going to be really really nice. It will have 7-8 actual layouts (each subpage will have a layout ^^ just like I always wanted) and so far it's taking an uber-long time to do all the graphics... *sigh* As usual, I did the About Me section first (although I redesigned the graphics a little last night (changed the colors)) Ever notice how I use blue on EVERYTHING?? I love blue. Don't know why... "there's something about blue"... hehe (CB fans?.... *crickets...* ok ok I get the picture). Speaking of CB I WANT TO GO SEE THE MOVIE!!! WAH! But I need ID to prove I'm 17. Which I AM. >< For ... seven months now *nod nod* And I need to find some time and money to see the movie with *sigh*. Hm. Well I'm gonna go work on the secret project now ^_~ ttyl ;)

Saturday, May 10, 2003

Mood: Ok

Hey, sorry I haven't written sooner... After IB tests and missing school for those two days I got a little behind ^^;;... not that I'm really actually that caught up... and now I'm leaving tomorrow for the beach so I'll miss monday :D ^^;;.... anyway. My tests went well! ! ! I think. Day one was a hard test -- there were a couple parts to questions where I had *no* idea or kept getting nonsensical answers (something like for the third side of a triangle with sides 2 and 4 I got 10,325.34 or something lol -- no it wasn't a triangle problem, but just for example). *Sigh* But I DID have time to go through the entire thing and at least attempt every question (which is more than a lot of people at the test could say). The second day was easier (even though that was a 2 hour test versus the first day's 1 hour test) and I got done with that to my satisfaction 5 minutes before the end. We went over two of the questions in class on friday and I was pleased to find that I did them right (or at least, I thought i did, you know how you start thinking "Wait... maybe I didn't write that!" lol)

. . . . dum dee dum... um... been working on my mirror site (ok, you may as well know) and I'm looking at hosting it at freewebs. However! I need a naaaaame! ! ! ! Maybe I'll go to stories.com and set up a poll or something. *sigh*

I had this really bad dream last night. I was in this jungle and this T-Rex was trying to kill me! ! ! There were other peoples there too, but it felt like he was specifically coming after me! !. It was kind of set up like a video game, though, because the "first time" (as though I had to do it over and over till I did it right) I hid in this portable shower... or maybe it was just a normal shower... anyway, it was more like a shower in a port-o-potty. The T-Rex spun me around in the shower (like kicking it and making it go rolling... and when the T-Rex went away some other people came to help me and my back/neck had broken! So they took out my neck/backbone (yeah... don't ask... at the time it seemed normal) so I was paralyzed and at THAT point I just KNEW the T-Rex would stick his face down any second cause he'd be right there! But then I think that is when my sister's CD player fell on me and hit me in the back. I went back to sleep and it was like trial number two, and this time I was in this big big big mansion thing... that was actually a store. So. I started grabbing lots of clothing and stuff I wanted to keep. Hey, the T-Rex is gonna destroy this anyway... I'll just take what I want :D hehe... that was the best part of the dream. :D THEN I had a dream that it was Sunday and I didn't get up until 10:10 thereabouts and we were supposedly going to leave about 10.... so I had to rush and get stuff and yeah... ><

I still have to turn in my application for a letter... I hope it's not too late! ! ! ^^;; that would suck majorly. Yes sir. *sigh*

Today is my sister's birthday and I didn't get her anything. hmmm... *eyes the blank cd's still in the package on her shelf...* Hmmm... dare I? lol... See ya later tonight or maybe tomorrow morning. I want to officially say goodbye with a kao-ani as my mood icon lol.

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Sunday, May 04, 2003


omgoodness... I should be studying but I'm so tired I can't. I'll be so happy after Tuesday. Because my IB test will be over then. I'm going to have to spend the entire 4 hours I have from when I wake up tomorrow to when I have to leave to go to my test to study or I'll be screeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwd.... *buries head in hands*. Sigh. Oh well. At least I don't have to go to school tomorrow or tuesday. Hm. I have to turn in my application for a Letter. *makes face*. This computer is now officially mine, btw. Yep yep! The good one (or at least... sort of.... <<.... >>... this WAS the one that went "belly up" a year ago or so *starts to fret*) Anyway I'm too tired to think. G'night ;)

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Saturday, May 03, 2003

Mood: Headache-y

Gah... my headache won't go away... I'm in the process of copying files onto CD from my old computer (because I'm getting my mom's computer; she bought a lap top! hee hee) That is good because her computer is faster and my tablet will only work on hers (or my dad's, but not mine; mine's so old it has no USB port!). Lucky Kristine gets my comp now >:) lol. maha. I'll have to install some stuff over here... and take time making sure I have all my files off that one... I'm burning my second CD of crap right now. . . . . My IB test is on Monday and Tuesday ^^;;!!!! I have to study really a lot (see? I'm starting to fall apart! Me no make sense! ha... haha). I BELIEVE the one on monday is in the afternoon, so that gives me the morning to review *starts to really fret* oh gosh... Friday (yesterday, right? *thinks...* Yes, yesterday) I, rather on the spur of the moment, decided to interview for a Drama Cabinet position. --_--;; Think I'll get one? I hope so. I won't be devistated if I don't, but it would be disappointing at least. *ummmm* I'm researching Domains for hosting my secret project (LOL). If anyone knows a really good, cheap host I would be forever grateful if you tell me about it (Right now I'm looking at Endore, anyone have comments about them?????). *siiiiiiiigh*. I'm excited to get a domain... it really is about time; 4 years after my first website? lol. Yeah. . . . . WOW! I went and checked at Geocities... and the 4th anniversery of my first website was actually February 2nd of this year! ! ! I thought I was exaggerating a little... ^^;;. Darn. That makes me feel old. Ah, time to go make another CD. Ta! *wish me luck on my test!* *crosses fingers*
The Weather in Hell

A cute thing I found... maybe cute isn't the best word for it :P (updates daily, haha).

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