Friday, March 21, 2003

Mood: Somewhere between and

Oh Boy. OH BOY.... What am I gonna do... on the one hand I've got one thing going on... and in the other something completely different... oh! and in the other... err... if I had 3 hands... I've got some major ANGER going on about Intermediate Drama. Their butts are OURS when we get back from Spring Break! THEY WILL TASTE THE WRATH OF ADVANCED! *huff puff*.... Speaking of which, Whoo hoo! Spring Break! Ohhhhh thank heaven; i needed this. Phew...

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Thursday, March 20, 2003

Mood: *whimper*

Wah! I don't like being Stalin!!!!! .......... ahem..... <<....>>..... I feel the need for some kirby coming on <( ' ' )> .. .. .... <(' ' <) .. . .... (> ' ')> ... .... .. .... <( ' ' )> .... ...... ok. All better. well not really... but that helped. NEWS: Go take the new Harmonious Storm Personality Test!!!!! YEAH! Go! Go Go Go! ........ Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday! Whoo! Whoo hoo! And then a whole week of spring break. Oh thank GOD :P ugh... UGH... School makes me feel so dirty... and I've been having a headache every day for two weeks now... well... every week day, at least... I didn't notice on the weekend... hmmmm --_--

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Sunday, March 16, 2003

Mood: Meh

Um. Updates! ! ! ! New art on the Art page! You'll recognize the new stuff cause the thumbnails are 9 pixels smaller than the rest (oh yeah, it's way noticable... no seriously, i'm not being sarcastic lol) I got me new headphones to replace the ones that are broken in half. That's awesome. I dyed my hair. Did I mention that? I did it back on Tuesday... and tried to fix it on Thursday (if that's any indication of how well it went, --_-- lol). Next time I want to dye it all black/dark brown and put white streaks in it :P Anyway, now it's kind of a dark brown that glows red in the sunlight, and has orange highlights in it that seem to glow in the dark, lol. The personality test here at HS should be working soon, btw.

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Saturday, March 15, 2003

Mood: Tired

Um. I went to Konran's awesome party today. We went shopping. I didn't buy anything, except for lunch. Then we went out to eat. Today seriously rocked ;). I like the CD I made for her... I want one just like it for me... *thinks about burning herself a copy*.... Um. I have a ton of homework for tomorrow (but at least I finished my freaking math project! ! ! ! It took me hours and hours and hours, and lots of torture and pain and sweat... but it is freaking DONE). There's this freaky french movie on... it's just a bunch of senseless violence as far as I can tell, lol... huuuuuuummmm..... I've done a lot of drawings and stuff lately, but haven't put anything up since... well... last summer (except for oekakis). I could do that... *thinks about it*....

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Thursday, March 13, 2003

Mood: SICK

Gaaaah... *holds head* I do not feel so good. My head hurts... and I have to do this stupid IB math project tonight... --_-- .. . .. I waited til the last minute. . . . I always do that. I can't NOT do that. . .. but now more than ever I'm waiting till the last minute has come and gone to actually do things... i.e. late! Grr... my heaaaaaad! I hope I'm not sick for Konran's birthday party on Saturday (yes, everyone email Konran and wish her a happy birthday... well belated now cause I forgot to mention it here before-- it was the 11th). *squints* the paaaain the paaaaaain *a la that freaky guy who says "the plaaaane!" hahaaha*. Um... what was I going to say? Oh yeah, apparently it's not just me who thinks my mother is going freaking nuts. . . she is so bipolar lately. My dad thinks so, too. Peoples in my house are sick. That's not good. I'm sick too! But does anyone care *pouts*...? Noooooooo they don't! *laughs*... Ok... Like I care if they care, anyway. My brother's suck a faker... ACK! ACK! ACK! . . . . just had to scream. :P

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Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Mood: Strange--ness....<<...>>...

Hmm... rehearsals are going ok... I don't like being in charge... it's kinda scary... Oh I never said; I got the people I wanted *dances*. I think K'Leigh is mad that I did. :( Sorry K'Leigh *hug*. You know... It never ever ever occured to me to lie in a blog... it just seemed so unnecessary and self-defeating.... Just thought I'd point that out... Now that i think about it... I've taken everyone else's blog/livejournals/etc as truth... and they're probably not... that's just almost scary *laughs*. . . . Anyway, bye bye. ~~edit~~ GARSH! Another thing. Can't I complain about anything or .... say anything about how much school sucks without my mother giving me a rerun of a lecture about how "everyone's got to do things they don't want to do" and "that's life" and "blah blah blah" and "mwha mwha mwha". Good God. Leave me alone. And for your information, mother, You don't have to do anything that you don't want to. You just have to be prepared to face the consequences. Everyone needs to take Junior IB English with Mr. Halpern. It might change the way you look at things. Or other people. Propriety. Those propriety-driven parents of mine make me sick, Psh.... ~_^ . *rolls eyes* I'm a teenager. It's my JOB to hate my parents. I can't heeeeeelp it *laughs*

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Thursday, March 06, 2003

Mood: Not Sure...

Um. New essays. New art (little chibi peoples at the bottom). Waiting for Konran to get on so she can fix the personality test that I screwed up oh so much. And for her to get on so we can go take pictures for the personality buttons. *Sigh* Auditions were so hard (and I was on the other side)... you'd think it would be harder being on stage, and actually auditioning, but it is harder being the director. I'd like to Assistant Direct the musical this year... that sounds like fun. The play I'm doing for drama one acts (actually full-length plays, now) is "On the Verge" by Eric Overmyer. It will be difficult to pull off. I'm gonna have to be a line-nazi... hard core... man... :D

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Monday, March 03, 2003

Mood: Fluttery

Mmm... I screwed up yesterday on the personality test page (no, it's not yet up for the general public *haughty gesture*...) Sorry Konran... Umm... I got an awesome CD now. It really rocks. A bunch of... rocking oldies, man! :D Ummm.... Teachers vote in half an hour. I'll know then if we go to the end of the school year (as in, June). If we find out that we won't, we still won't know if we get out next week when teachers strike, or in may if they resolve everything. Heh... Anyone familiar with the play "criminal hearts" by Jane Martin? I'm thinking of directing it for our one acts. It's got a lot of foul language and sexual situations... I'd like to cut the latter out (I really don't think most of it was relevant anyway). The other option is "On the Verge" by Eric Overmeyer. I can't find a copy of that though... *grrs* Heh... um... anyway... laterz :D... I've never said "laterz" before... and I don't like that LOL I really don't like adding "z" as a replacement for -ce... or -s... or whatever it replaces... whatever man ;)

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Sunday, March 02, 2003

Mood: F--k, don't talk to me

Well the play is over. Damn. I know, I think I complained way too much during the course of it... but now i'm uber-sad that it's over. And I couldn't go to the cast party. In fact, it's going on right now as I type. And then I'm going to sleep... while they have fun... and it's all because I have a stupid mother. I know... I try to not be angry at her... trying to rationalize... trying to think of all the GOOD things she's done and does still... but DAMN! I'm really freaking pissed off at her! *laughs* Apparently she doesn't understand that you don't leave the house for a 15 minute drive 30 minutes early so when I called she wasn't home... and then she also can't understand driving directions... and then she apparently will not take directions from me. Fine ... Fine... Fine... I didn't really want to go anyway. I mean... I'd just be bored cause no one would talk to me *laughs* and I'm too *insert adjective here* to get any help from outside substances... But still... Now I have to do a ton of homework... GAWD ! I can't believe it's over! That is so sad! SOooooOOooooOooooOoooooooooo sad! :( :( :( :( BTW-- updated "Art". Some oekaki now up. Go look at them from oldest to newest and see me get better!

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