Friday, February 28, 2003

Mood: *happy sigh*

WELL only one more night left! And MaryRose came to see me tonight! yaaaaaay! Unfortunately, there was a sound screw-up tonight on one of the songs :( but it still went rather well. I washed my hair as soon as I came home. Ick! That icky spray stuff.... is.... ick! I have to get my secret pal something really good tomorrow *frets* maybe the cool fog ring blower at Hollywood Lights? Oh! In the process of making a personality test here on Harmonious Storm, where you can find which of us (the five people here, or did you even know there are five people who work here! ! ! Konran, Chishio, Silven and Vertigo. And me, of course), anyway, find which of us you are most like. It shall be cool. I got the code all done, just need some more input from some people and then to make the graphics, preferably using actual photos... but we may be forced to just use some drawings. *shrug* See ya ;)

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Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Mood: Ummm

Many updates! New personality test results, new guestbook images, fixed links, and I'm in the process of making a personality test for all of you peeps! Hee. Yes. Anyway, I have to do some homework. I mean it. Really. This time, I really mean it. Bye

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Monday, February 24, 2003

Mood: Apathetic O_O

Um. History paper rough draft due in a couple hours... much homework for tomorrow. Test in math to finish. I dunno what the heck is my problem, man! ... why can't I just buckle down and work, huh? huh? Grrr... The worst part is that I'm not FEELING anything about it. Usually I'd be tied up in knots starting in my stomach ending with butterflies coming out of my mouth! And now... it's just a ... black hole... a void... a vaccuum... What the hey doodly hey....

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Friday, February 21, 2003

Mood: Relatively Good

Guess what? I stayed up till 3 o' clock last night.. err... this morning... whatever... working on homework, and I left my mom a note asking to sleep in... and she let me! I have to go in soon to get to school in time for 6th period because we're doing a teaser, and I'm supposed to be in it. I wish I weren't though. . . then I could just stay here till 5 o'clock :D At any rate, i have to go get dressed, I guess ;) I'm not sure if I should wash the grey stuff out of my hair or not though. . . . i'd just have to put more in tonight anyway. . . .

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Thursday, February 20, 2003

Opening Night!

Mood: Opening-Night-Ish

Hey. It was opening night! Yay! whoo hoo for us! I missed the last part of magic time tho, cause I had to go get silver stuff put in my hair (I don't like pretending I'm old :( mah!) and now I have a million hours of homework to do tonight (because methinks my parents are school nazis who won't let me stay home tomorrow, even though many many people are staying home, or at least sleeping in and missing morning classes -- however, i'm hoping that I will be pleasantly surprised tomorrow... yeah... right... ha... *starts to cry a little* stupid parents...) Anyway! It was fun. Fun... tiring... energizing... painful... and... b l a h h h h h y :P

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Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Mood: Too tired to know for sure... ??

(a la Krusty the Clown:) Hey hey!... that just popped in my head. I finished the Stand today. It was disappointing, not the book, but the fact that it was over :(. I'm planning to watch the movie again on sunday (again, as in, I've never seen the whole thing, and when I did it was quite a while ago). I'm hungry. Rehearsal (rather, Final Dress) went badly :P And we open tomorrow. I had to keep telling myself before we started "Eight more times... just eight more times." Well now I can *almost* say "Seven more times" (we're doing a teaser on friday... and i'm in it... and we do it twice... so really it's like "Seven and a half more times.") Anyway...

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Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Mood: Numbed

I realized last night that I wasn't depressed: I was numb. *nods* Now I feel number... it feels almost good. *Grins* *takes a deep breath* *admits:* I don't care. I don't care! Yay! That feels good. So... now that I've admitted that I don't care anymore. . . . what to do . . . *sighs* I have 100 pages left in The Stand (yeah yeah yeah... some people are thinking : woah what a slow reader.... others may be thinking: How much time does she read for goshsake!.... but hey, 1, it's a book with many very creepy parts that I've relished, read, and reread, and 2, I keep getting interrupted so i have to reread pages over to get back to where I was... stupid people... don't they understand that school time for Roseanne is better used for reading outside novels!? mahahahaha) Ha... I say mahahahaha but I don't laugh. Ha. that's funny. I'm so tired. So very tired. Actually, I was reading Nadine's last scene... *nods* I can understand that partially... just partially. *polite smile -- the smile I'd probably give you any given day at any given time if you met me in real life ;)* G'night folks (as though I believe there is even one other soul reading this *actually laughs a little*)

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Monday, February 17, 2003

Mood: Depressed as Hell

Don't know why I'm bothering to write. Perhaps just as a record to future-me; hey remember then? Yeah, that sucked... but hey, it's better now, right?..... or maybe I'll look back and say Those were the good old days... *hahahahaha* well I hope not.... I have a freaking (*is swearing in her head, but types the polite substitute*) essay due tomorrow that I just CAN'T work on. I'm sitting here... I've *been* sitting here for an hour and a half, and I just can't SEE the type! I can't... I can't understand it. I can't think! I CAN'T CAN'T CAAAAAAAAAAAAN'T!!!!! I don't know what I'm going to do. I've already resolved that I CANNOT do it tonight. I just can't. But what am I going to do tomorrow? When he collects them? He's going to yell at me. I just know it. And then I'll cry. I don't . . .want to do.. .. ... this . . . anymore. . .

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Sunday, February 16, 2003

Mood: dead tired

Gahhhhhhh that was the LONGEST... BORINGEST... PAINFULLEST... HORRIBLEST.... (*forgets what she was saying*... Oh yeah) cue-to-cue rehearsal EVER! Normally, as in, on a sane planet, a cue-to-cue would go as such: We go from light/sound/set cue to light/sound/set cue through the entire play starting at noon, break for dinner around 5 or 6, come back and do an almost dress runthrough of the play finishing at 10. Weeeeell it didn't really work out that way. We spent 4 hours on the first act and a little of the second. There are FIVE acts!! !! So in all, we only just finished the whole cue-to-cue part at 9 o' clock, so we just did the last finale scene (which is musical, did you know?) a few times and called it quits.

Good things: The Stand is really getting creepy where I'm at, I got to see the 300th episode of the Simpsons and parts of the 299th and 301st, it SNOWS in a scene I'm in!, no school tomorrow!

Bad things: Halpern essay due on Tuesday, have to buy a makeup kit before tomorrow's rehearsal, have to wear old-age makeup :P, much much much math stuff to do, my legs hurt, no way I'll be able to finish The Stand before tuesday (which means I'll be distracted from school for a whole 'nother week (I really shouldn't read outside novels during the school year ^^;;))

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Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Mood: Gah!

Grrrr... stupid... *garble* I have an english paper due tomorrow. It's not just an english paper. It's an ENGLISH PAPER. It's a My-Teacher's-Gonna-Lock-Me-In-A-Closet-And-Beat-Me-If-It's-Bad Paper! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! and it's *possible* i might have to "teach" a poem to the class, too. Gah? Gah? Come on, teach, how are we supposed to do all this work..? And rehearsal today. Ugh! Talk about tedious. Of course, I myself am a very very very patient person, so it wasn't so bad for me, but that doesn't mean that I wouldn't have rather have been doing something else rather than sitting/standing upstage right with some other people while we choreographed a musical number (it took us 3 hours to do one or two minutes of song. *raises eyebrow*) Anyway... and to top it off I'm sick! Sick sick sick! I feel like I have the plague from the Stand (which I *just* started reading -- yes, I know, that's so losery... and yes, I know, i've told just about everyone of my losery-ness ;)) Anyway, Ta

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Sunday, February 09, 2003

Mood: Slightly Annoyed

This isn't posting to tripod, apparently. Or at least the last two entries didn't. I haven't done any of my homework yet, and I'm incredibly anxious about having missed spanish... and I have to spend time tomorrow making sure I'm uber-memorized for the play.... and I just got done ripping the guts out of my homepage so now it's even less functional than before... but now it's in blues so it's prettier... but I messed up on the table so it doesn't quite line up *cocks head*... anyway, see ya.

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Mood: Sleepy

The work party today wasn't as bad as I'd dreaded. . . So that's good. But now I'm dead tired; it's 1:10.. .. .. I spent the last few hours working on a stupid picture to submit to Epilogue and it won't even be accepted, so i'm not sure why I bothered... I guess I'm hoping it will slip by on a miracle? ? ? My goal is to get SOMETHING up there SOMEWHEN. Is Somewhen a word? Well now it is. I've got a mountain of homework... My brother's friend spent the night here last night, and now another friend is spending the night tonight. *rolls eyes* That's fun. Having TWO 8-year-old boys running around the house screaming. I got a 50% discount at Claires on Friday because I worked inventory a weekend ago (I tried posting a while back, but this kept crashing... so hmph). Mmmm... I'm tired. I'm gonna go sleep now. Sleeeeeepy time :D Night!

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